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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is increasingly establishing itself as a new treatment method for strokes, depression and other diseases.

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Why we exist

Our mission is to develop new personalized brain-stimulation therapies for patients suffering from neuropsychiatric disease such as stroke or depression.

Impact on Neuroscience

We enable studying the transient large-scale dynamics of the human brain with easy-to-program real-time signal processing technology that reads a stream of EEG data and triggers stimulation during pre-defined oscillatory brain-states.

Impact on Medicine

We believe that this technology will unlock the therapeutic potential of non-invasive brain stimulation.

Impact on Healthcare System

TMS, especially personalized TMS therapy, can improve or replace other therapy forms for common diseases, often at a fraction of their costs.

Next-Generation TMS

sync2brain technology is enabling a wide range of basic science, clinical research, and technology partnership.

Clinical Studies

Research Labs


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About US

sync2brain was founded out of a technology transfer research project at the University of Tübingen with support by a grant from the German ministry of economic affairs in the EXIST Transfer of Research program, with support from the European Social Fund.

Meet our Team, …

Dr. Ramona Samba

Dr. Ramona Samba


Dr. Brigitte Zrenner

Dr. Brigitte Zrenner

Head of Clinical Affairs & Co-Founder

Dr. Christoph Zrenner

Dr. Christoph Zrenner

CTO & Co-Founder

Dr. Gabor Kozak

Dr. Gabor Kozak

Technical Development and Senior Scientist

Umair Hassan

Umair Hassan

Technical Development and Senior Scientist

Niko Mangold

Niko Mangold

Head of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

TMS in Stroke

TMS therapy is offered at the TMS clinic at the University Neurology Hospital of Tübingen, including clinical trials with sync2brain technology. Please see for details and to schedule an appointment for an evaluation. An application to the insurance company for reimbursement of the therapy cost is recommended.

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We are currently preparing the CE certification of the bossdevice MEDICAL as a medical device. Once certified, it may be used with compatible EEG amplifiers and compatible TMS stimulators for closed loop TMS experiments and therapy. Stay connected for updates!

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