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Open Source Software

An open source application programming interface (API) is available that allows you to use the bossdevice for your purpose.

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The Technology

bossdevice RESEARCH is a real-time digital signal processor consisting of hardware and software algorithms. It is designed to read-in a real-time raw data stream from a bio- signal amplifier (electroencephalography, EEG), to continuously analyze this data and to detect patterns based on oscillations in different frequencies. When such a specific bio-signal pattern is detected, the device indicates this through a standard output port. This enables a connected device to know with millisecond accuracy when a specific bio-signal pattern occurs.


Compatible EEG amplifiers

Bittium NeurOne with Real-time DigitalOut, Brain Products actiCHamp with TurboLink

Channels and sample rate
up to 128 EEG channels, 8 AUX channels, 5 kHz sample rate
Spatial filtering

2 simultaneous signals, fully flexible (e.g. left + right, frontal + temporal)

Oscillatory states
Phase and amplitude (theta, alpha, and beta)

4x BNC (TTL), 1 marker output (LPT)

CE mark – not medical

bossdevice RESEARCH is not a medical device. It may not be used outside of research and it may not be used in trials involving patients. It is not intended as an accessory to a medical device or to control a medical device. It may only be connected to a medical device through a connection that is not considered a “control” connection but only an information transmission. What the connected device does in response to information received from the bossdevice is determined by the connected device only.


MathWorks MATLAB2021a® license (with Simulink Real-Time Toolbox) and separate control PC not included but required for full programmability.

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